Paulo Rivera background & information

So let's start from the beginning.

I grew up in Manizales, a small city in Colombia, renowned for amongst other things it's International Theatre Festival.

I discovered acting whilst attending high school, often coming up with any excuse to get into different characters. We didn't have a drama department, so we just created our own stories.

My family and I emigrated to the U.K. in the early Nineties. I have British and Colombian citizenships and I'm fluent in English and Spanish.

Well being and fitness are very important in my life. I try to meditate and practice yoga whenever possible. I also love dancing, and being Latino I'm pretty good at salsa and merengue. Who's ready to dance with me !!!

I have worked in some great productions, including most recently voicing characters for the video games Hitman 2 & Hitman 3.

I also worked on the Belgian TV series 'De Infiltrant', starred in the music video "I Heard" alongside Faye Dunaway and Kristin Kreuk, etc.

I am a huge fantasy genre fan and love the Harry Potter series. I was lucky to be in the last film - Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows : Part 2, as a Harry Potter stand in.