Hola, and welcome to my acting journey!

Picture this: high school days with no drama department—challenge accepted! My friends and I took matters into our own hands, crafting characters and weaving tales that set my heart ablaze for the world of acting.

Born and raised in Colombia, my family and I set sail for new horizons in the early 90s, and voilà, we found ourselves in jolly ol' Great Britain. It was like a real-life sitcom, complete with quirky cultural clashes and comedic mishaps!

As I grew more comfortable communicating in English, I joined an Am Dram group, thus marking the official beginning of my acting journey. And boy, oh boy, did the acting bug bite me hard! From then  I've stamped my work in theatre, film, tv, voiceovers, video games and most recently Bollywood.

To hone my skills, I have diligently attended courses at the Actor's Theatre School, Actor's Centre, Citylit, and Identity.

Mind, body, and soul—wellness is my mantra. Meditation and yoga keep my drama queen moments in check, and calisthenics make me feel like a superhero in training (cape not included).

Oh, and did I mention that I've got some serious moves on the dance floor? Salsa and merengue are my jam, and trust me, there's no resisting the Latin rhythm when I hit the dance floor. Get ready to dance like nobody's watching!

I look forward to every opportunity to share my passion for acting and connect with audiences on an emotional level. 

Thank you for joining me on this thrilling journey!